When a dream is constantly repeated, or even when interpreting several dreams we have had for a certain time, we see that the same theme is repeated, very often; It means that there is something we have not yet understood or resolved. In most cases it is because we have not been able to understand the message of our dreams well, and this may be because, there is a problem that is difficult for us to accept, and that is why it becomes more complicated to interpret our dreams correctly. So in those cases it can help us to be pessimistic when trying to interpret the dream. Since to solve a problem, you must first accept that this problem exists.
But there are some exceptions, which are cases in which it will not be difficult for us to know the cause, since these are things that obsess or bother us. Like when we constantly dream of someone we like. Another example: If we have had constant problems with our teeth and still have two decayed teeth, dreaming that two teeth fall out is simply a reflection of our fear of losing another tooth.

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