- If we have an ACCIDENT with a machine or a tool, it means trouble and failure.

- To dream that we wear a torn BOOTS and are in a repair shop, with many people, it is likely problems that can lead to the loss of our liberty, either by prison or because someone ends somehow manipulating us. Which we advise us to be careful when we have to face or deal with situations for which we are not prepared or do not have experience.

- To dream that our CAR BROKE DOWN and we left it at the repair shop represents difficulties and delays.

- If the MACHINES ARE STOPPED, meaning delays in our affairs or projects.

- If the machines MALFUNCTION, BROKEN, MISSING OR DAMAGED, means difficulties and failure.

- If the machines WORK FINE, augurs success and good fortune.

Unless, for example, in our WAKING LIFE, yesterday we brought the car to the garage and we dream that our car works well, since then, means the opposite, that is, we have to take it back to the shop because the car do not keep well. But if we dream that does not work, then it means that the car was good and we have no problems in that regard.

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