If in our dream we are repairing something, means that soon make it out problem or that soon repair the difficult problem. Even if the dream comes time to finish the job, then the meaning depends on how we do, so if it is perfect, it means that we will manage to repair the problem in our waking life, but if it is not perfect, that is, see the patch, sewing, patching, unevenness, etc., then tells us that we must do more to fix the issue.

- To dream that we are repairing a BUILDING in poor condition or peeling, but we go there, before finishes the job, means that things are not going well, because we have not finished fixing everything that is wrong in our projects.

- If you dream that we repair a CEILING means that soon succeed how to correct something according to our ideals and principles.

- But if we dream, we repair a CEILING BUT THAT WORK REMAINED POOR (For example: That has been crooked or uneven), means there is something we try to repair according to our ideals and principles but do not stay too well, so we must do more.

- If we dream that we canít repair something well and so we COVER IT with something TO NOT SEE THAT DEFECTS, means that although we try to hide something that is not right, still there, which advises us to do well the things.

- If we dream that we repair something, but IS NOT GOOD for example: That note the patch, the crooked, uneven, or sewing, tells us means that we should do things in a better way.

- If we dream that SOMEONE IS REPAIRING SOMETHING means that soon we make it out of a problem. In this case, it will also be useful to consult the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams.

- To dream that SOMETHING THAT CANíT BE REPAIR, it means that we still difficult to leave a complicated problem.

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