- If in our dream an ARCHANGEL tells us that, "Even if things are wrong, remember me." It means that he(she) has visited us in dreams to tell us that he can help us in difficult times, so it is good that we consider it. For example: Asking God and the Archangel to help us when we are in trouble.

- If we dream that we had to present an EXAM, but that we forgot, although then we remember that the exam is tomorrow or in a few days, it means that it is not yet time to act, since before we must prepare a little more, now at the same time, the dream tells us that there is something we must remember (For example: An experience).

- If we dream that we want to return to SCHOOL because we do not manage to finish high school/university and we feel worried about it, but in the end we remember that we do manage to finish it, it means that we need to believe more in ourselves, that is, we do not we must forget that in addition to high school or university, it is very important to act safely.

- To dream that SOMEONE REMEMBER US OF SOMETHING that we needed to do, means that there is something we must remember and that is important, even sometimes the dream reminds us of exactly what we forgot.

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