- If we dream that we FIND A REFUGE, it means that we will successfully escape the machinations of dishonest people.

- To dream that we seek refuge IN GOD (In any of its manifestations: Allah, Brahma, Great Spirit...) of a demon or of the members of a sect, means that we will have benefits and important knowledge.

- If in our dream we manage to take refuge from the explosion OF A NUCLEAR BOMB and that way we save ourselves, it means that we will be able to escape successfully, from the machinations of dishonest people who pretend a change of negative social type, for example: People who try to implant the communism and hurting anyone who opposes or hinders their evil purposes.
But if the nuclear bomb explodes, in addition to saving us, the explosion only kills our enemies, it means that important or social changes are coming, but the only ones who will be hurt and defeated will be our enemies or the dishonest people who try to oppose to a positive social change.

If we dream that we are in a shelter safe from ZOMBIES, but one of the people who are with us begins to transform into a zombie, it means that there is someone who is causing us to isolate ourselves or distance ourselves from others.

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