If in our dream someone claims something, be it us or someone else, it means that we will soon see ourselves in lawsuits or litigation that can be harmful to us.

- If we have a girlfriend(boyfriend) and we dream that we CLAIM OUR EX GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) for everything she(he) did to us, it means that it is better for us to stay with our current girlfriend(boyfriend), than to return with someone who was disloyal and despicable, since we would surely do the same.

- If we dream that our GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) claims us because she (he) thinks we are with someone else, it represents probable conflicts or misunderstandings with her (him); For example: Because in an oversight, check our cell phone and find photos or messages of an ex, which can cause your anger, so this dream advises us to be prudent.

- IF SOMEONE MARRIED DREAMS, THAT HE(SHE) IS MARRIED TO ANOTHER PERSON AND THAT MOM OF THAT SOMEONE CLAIMS SOMETHING, it means that he(she) has desires towards that person and or someone who looks something like that person , but at the same time, the dream advises you to analyze the situation well, since if you decide or continue being unfaithful to your partner, you can get to see yourself in all kinds of demands (For example: Divorce claims, for the custody of the children, adultery, criminal type, etc.).

- If in our dream we demand something from someone SHOUTING, it means there is a near danger. It can also mean the desire to free ourselves from oppressions that we canīt stand any longer, in this case, in addition, it can happen that to whom we shout, is someone known, in which case it means that the oppression comes from that person.

- If we see SOMEONE TO WHOM WE KNOW CLAIM SOMETHING, it means the same as the above, but it applies to that person we know.

- If we dream that someone STEALS US SOMETHING AND WE CLAIM for it, it means that we must take care of our interests, but at the same time we must be prudent. At least in the same dream, that person returns what he stole from us, since then it means that we are taking good care of our interests.


Claim (Of Lawsuit):
-- To dream about a claim, means we have economic or business deals that are not reliable, so we must be careful.
-- If in our daily living we present a newly lawsuit and we dream that reject us, it means the opposite, that is, means that it will be accepted.
-- If we dream that authorities evicted someone, but without we see exactly who are being evicted, means that the future is uncertain, for us and for our opponents, because one of the two will have to suffer failure, loss, humiliation or frustration.
• To dream that authorities give custody of our children to our ex wife (ex husband), means that we think our children no longer love us, which is unjustified, because they still love us even though we do not notice.
• If we dream that authorities give us the custody of our children, means we think our children still love us, what is true. But if we have no children, and dream to have children and who give us their custody, then it means that we think someone still loves us (For example: Our partner, ex...), which is true.

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