The rearview mirror is a reflection of our conscience, it lets us see how we see ourselves.
This dream can help us see the good or bad of our actions.

- If we see a broken rearview or BREAKS, it means that a misfortune is approaching.

- If we dream that we BREAK THE REARVIEW WHILE we are looking for a parking spot, it means that it is not a good time to rest or to stagnate, as a disaster could happen. So this dream advises us to intensify our work and our effort instead of resting.

- If the rearview mirror is DIRTY, it means an accident that will be of little importance.

- If in the rearview mirror we see the IMAGE OF SOMEONE ELSE it means that a misfortune is approaching.

- If what we see in it causes us UNTRANQUILITY or is unpleasant, it means that we don't want to see ourselves as we fear being.

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