This dream means that difficult days for love are close, because it will be difficult to trust in the person we love. Also portends sorrow and disappointment.

- To dream that we walk by AVENUE and suddenly we see many prostitutes means that difficult days are coming for love, or we will be difficult to love.

- To see in our dream a prostitute with BLOOD ON THE NOSE means that rid us or we got rid of a compromise that did not suit us.

- If we dream that a prostitute FARTS (IT IS FLATULENT), it represents difficulties in love, for the reason that instead of saying what really happens or we feel, we act hostile.

- If we dream that someone tries to PROSTITUTE US FORCE, it means that there is someone who is trying to convince us to do something inconvenient, so we need to be firmer in the sense of strictly refusing, that is, it means that we are missing decision and strength of character to say no.

- If a man dreams that his pet (Dog or Cat), is lying dying and stained with his own excrement in the bathroom of the room of a HOTEL that is usually used by prostitutes, it is an advice that tells him, that he get away from that place, as it could be spread from a venereal disease.

- If a woman dreams that she IS A PROSTITUTE, represents sexual desires or a guilt feel and that means the first or the second depends on your current situation.

- If in our daytime life we are part of a lawsuit or judicial process and in our dream we see that a prostitute sits on the CHAIR OF A JUDGE, it means that we are very likely to become victims of an unfair sentence.

- If a man dreams to be MARRIED or marries a prostitute, means he must be careful with whom it relates, as there are persons who canít be trusted (either because they are women little faithful or little reliable).

- If a man dreams that the MOM OF HIS GIRLFRIEND takes a prostitute to his house to have sex with her, it means that his mother-in-law (The mother of his girlfriend), is an interested person, who has made his daughter it corresponds to him and or even begs him, because she thinks he can take advantage of it.

- If a man dreams that he PAYS A PROSTITUTE (with bills), represents an selfish(interested) girlfriend.

- If in our dream a prostitute TOUCHES OUR ARM means we can soon get to have penalties related to love. This dream advises us to get an amulet for our partner to be faithful to us.

- If a man dreams of a TALL prostitute, it means difficulties in love for the reason that we have been interested in people who are not within our reach (For example: Because they are married, they live too far, and so on).

- If a man dreams of a TRAMP-PROSTITUTE represents a girlfriend or boyfriend who did not really love, and only want it for interest(selfish).

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