- If we dream that we propose MARRIAGE to a famous person and she/he rejects us, it means that things do not go well with our girlfriend(boyfriend) or couple because of the reason that she/he feels we do not appreciate enough; It can also mean that if we continue to neglect her/him, she/he will break up with us.

- If we dream that WE PROPOSE SOMETHING OR THAT SOMEONE PROPOSES SOMETHING, it means that we are thinking about marriage or a long-term project, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream show us our feelings and other details about marriage or our long-term project, for example:

  • If someone ACCEPTS our proposal or we accept the proposal, it means that we are doing well.
  • If someone DOES NOT ACCEPT the proposal or we do not accept the proposal, it means that there is something wrong.
  • If someone IGNORES us, it means we should put our fears aside.
  • If the other person LAUGHS of us, it means that our projects or our suitor may be teased.

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