This dream is associated with the lack of confidence in ourselves or in our forces.

- If we dream that we make a promise and that we DON'T FULFILL it, it means failure because of our lack of self-confidence.

- To dream that we make a promise, but that someone KILLS US BEFORE achieving it, means that there is a danger, or the danger that something goes wrong. What advises us to act safely but at the same time be prudent.

- If we see ourselves PROMISING in dreams, it means that we are committing ourselves to something that we are not sure to accomplish.

- If in our dream SOMEONE PROMISES US something, it means that we will soon be deceived.

- If in our dream WE WANT SOMEONE TO PROMISE SOMETHING, it means that we don't trust that someone.

- To dream that we make a promise and that YES WE FULFILL it means success.

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