If it is a raffle it represents losses. But if it is a prize for winning a competition, then it means that we are very likely to achieve success.

- If it is the prizes of the CEREAL BOXES, it means the following: If it is a prize for a raffle, that is, a coupon-winner that we must exchange for something, it means losses.
But if it's the free stuff inside the cereal boxes, then, it means: If it's a good and useful thing, it means that this time we will have good luck in a certain issue/project that we have underway. On the other hand if it is a useless thing, it means that this time we will not be lucky.

- If a child dreams of going to the DENTIST and in the end he gives him a toothbrush as a prize, it means that it is good to pay attention to oral health.

- To dream that we won the LOTTERY predicts losses.

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