- If we dream that we are making preparations for a PARTY, it means that we are doing something or planning something that can get us into many difficulties.

- To dream about the preparations prior to our WEDDING (Without the dream coming until the time to get married) means:

  • If the feelings are positive, it means that everything is going well in our affairs.
  • If the feelings are negative it means that something is not going well in our affairs, and most of the time it is related to our relationship with our girlfriend (boyfriend) or suitor.


Prepare (From: Prepare or cook something):
- To dream that we prepare a cake and we are about to eat it, but before that happens we wake up or something happens that prevents us from eating it, it means that promising events take a little longer to arrive.
- To dream that our niece tries to prepare us something to eat but does not do it well, it means that we will soon receive an unpleasant surprise because of our lack of experience and that we still have a lot to learn.

Get prepared:
- If we dream that we prepare to do something, it means we want a change in our life.
- If we dream that we prepare to attack; It means that we are very likely to achieve the change we want in our lives, although there may be some setbacks

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