In most cases this means that we want to get married or have a quieter life.
Sometimes, if this dream is experienced by a pregnant woman, it may be a reflection of her current state.

- Dreaming of an ABORTION tells us that there is an issue that will not go well. In other cases it refers to something not yet started and makes us see our difficulty to start something new, because of our lack of choice or value.

- If the dream turns out to be ANGUISHED means fear of sex.

- If a woman dreams that she just learned that ARE PREGNANT and thus is distressed, it means that he is afraid of sex, or who fears that get pregnant and ruin their projects.

- If a woman dreams that this PREGNANT OF HER BOYFRIEND AND ABORTED means: Problems, possible illnesses can even be a venereal disease, sadness, separation, and so on. This dream advises health care and decisions.

- To dream of a PREGNANT CAT that looks us in the eye, means that there is something we must know and it has to do with a woman who is pregnant or could become pregnant, for example: A girlfriend who is pregnant by someone else.

- If a mother dreams that her DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT and it is distressing dream, it means that this worried about her daughter, for example: For whom to marry, because someone can take advantage of she because they may suffer a disgrace, it can be pregnant, and so on. In any case, this dream advised to make sure your daughter is well, it can also be advice that says you should teach your daughter to take precautions, rather than just tell you not to, for example: Saying "No do it, and if you disobey me at least take the following precautions... "

- If a woman dreams that she is pregnant of your EX BOYFRIEND and do not want to have the baby, means that it is or was, too dependent on him and want to break that habit once and for all and start being a little more independent.
But if a woman dreams that she is PREGNANT AN EX OF LONG AGO, means he had something very good to him, and still love him even though he has not seen in a long time, or that he was the love of his life.

  • If a woman dreams that HER BOYFRIEND'S EX is pregnant with him, it means that in the past, her boyfriend was unfaithful to her, and/or that there is still a risk that her boyfriend will return to his ex.
  • If a woman dreams that her EX BOYFRIEND, PREGNANCY ANOTHER WOMAN at the time that he was your boyfriend, means that he was unfaithful.
  • If a man dreams of his pregnant EX-GIRLFRIEND OF SOMEONE ELSE, it means that for her there was something more important than him. It can also mean that she already has a thing for someone else, so it's hard for her to get back together with him.

- If a woman dreams that one of her FRIENDS IS PREGNANT OF HER BOYFRIEND and even if she feel betrayed by this, it means that his female-friend is planning to steal her boyfriend, unless it is impossible to her friend know your boyfriend, since then, the dream means that someone who has something in common with her friend is planning to steal her boyfriend.

- If a child-girl drams that one of her FRIENDS GOING TO HAVE A BABY means she want to have a little brother, and will have a little help, so, most likely is that she will soon have a new brother.

- If a man dreams that his GIRLFRIEND IS PREGNANT and the dream is not nasty, mean he want to marry her.

- If a woman dreams that her HUSBAND PREGNANCY TO ANOTHER WOMAN means she is not the most important to him, that is, means there is something that he cares even more, for example: Your job, status, money, office, etc.

- If an unmarried woman or divorced, dreams that someone KILLS A PREGNANT WOMAN tells she to be careful with whom married, and something could go very wrong. In this case the dream advised not to take hasty decisions and analyze the situation very well.

- If a man dreams that the girl LIKES HIM, is pregnant with her boyfriend or someone else, it means that she is engaged to someone else.

- If a MAN DREAM THAT HE IS PREGNANT means that there is a new ideal, goal, project, or purpose in life.

- If a MAN HAS A PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND AND DREAMS that she tells him that the child he is going to have is not his, it means the opposite, that is, that it is his son.

- If a woman dreams that she is MARRY PREGNANT, it means that something is not quite right in your relationship.

- If a MARRIED WOMAN dreams that she is pregnant, it represents the desire to have another child, although it can also mean the following:
If the dream has a positive context, it means that she has a good relationship with her husband.
But if the dream has a negative context, then it means that her relationship is going through some problems or that could happen soon.

- If a woman dreams that her MOM ARE PREGNANT and given birth to a beautiful baby, means she want to have a child (and if you have the perfect match no problem, but if not, then it is better to wait a while).

- If it is a NIGHTMARE THAT ENDS WITH TERRIBLE CHILDBIRTH means obsession with physical deformities or venereal diseases.

- If we dream that we are walking with our girlfriend and that we meet a friend (who we know is pregnant), and we also see many PARROTS, it means that there is a risk of pregnancy added to probable malicious comments and gossip. What advises us to be prudent to avoid premature pregnancies.

- If a man (especially if he is a teenager) dreams that he is in a POOL, along with a pregnant woman, it is a piece of advice that tells him to be careful or avoid going too fast in love relationships, since otherwise There is a risk that you will get someone pregnant too soon.

- If a woman dreams that she is pregnant, but it happens that her BELLY IS POSSESSED by an evil spirit, it means that she must be prudent, in terms of sexual relations, since someone could get too angry and could even try to hurt her, for example: If you become pregnant out of wedlock, if you become pregnant by someone other than your husband.

- If a PREGNANT WOMAN DREAMS that she is menstruating, it represents a concern related to her pregnancy.

  • If a pregnant woman dreams that she gives birth and it turns out that IT WAS A BOY, it means the opposite, that is, that she will have a girl. But if she dreams that she gives birth to a girl, then it means that she will be a boy.

- If a man dreams about he having SEX WITH PREGNANT-PROSTITUTE, means he want to marry to a certain person, but you'd better think of someone else, because otherwise expect a tough season for love.

- If a male adolescent dreams that he enters a train/subway STATION with his girlfriend and that she meets and greets a friend who is pregnant (either someone who is pregnant in the dream or who in their daytime life got pregnant by accident or imprudence), it means that you should be more careful and responsible with your girlfriend, to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

- If in the dream we see a PREGNANT TEACHER, it means that we need good advice/advice, to be able to carry out a certain promising project.

- If a woman who has recently had sex, dreams that she takes a PREGNANCY TEST and it is negative, it means the opposite, that is, that she is pregnant. But if she dreams that the test is positive, then it means that she is not pregnant.

  • If a woman dreams that her MOM DEMANDS HER TO TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST, but she does not want to, because she also knows that she is not pregnant, it is a reflection of her fears related to motherhood and sexual issues.

- If a man dreams that a woman WANTS TO GET PREGNANT WITH HIM, it means that there is someone who wants to have something good with him, such as a lasting courtship.

- If a woman dreams that her water breaks, or she sees that someone's WATER BREAKS, it represents an issue that requires immediate attention and that has to do with a project that she is carrying out.

- If a young woman dreams that she is pregnant WITHOUT HAVING SEX, especially if the dram is distressing, it means that she is afraid of love relationships or dating.

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