If we see ourselves praying, it means that there is something we feel guilty about, but we resist recognizing.
It can also mean that we are worried about some cause, or that we are in a difficult situation from which we do not know how to escape and we need some Divine help to get out of the problem.

- To dream that we cannot find any STAR in the sky, and we see that something moves in the clouds, so we begin to pray or wake up praying, it means that there is something that is worrying us too much and we feel that the angels do not listen to us or We can't find them. What advises us to be patient, since there is a struggle between good and evil (Angels are fighting against adverse forces to help us). This dream advises us not to stop praying (At least pray twice a day, at sunrise and sunset), in order to help the angels win the battle.

- If we dream that an UNKNOWN PERSON, suddenly kneels down to pray while looking at us and we notice that his eyes turn completely black (that even the white part that normally have the eyes becomes black), it means that there is a person who is worried because he thinks we are planning to harm him and for that reason he is doing us witchcraft.

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