Here we see the planets.

- If in our dream we see our planet, that is, the planet EARTH, it means protection and good luck.
And if in our dream we see a relative who has already left this world and we also see a planet earth in heaven, it means that he(she) is our guardian angel, who takes care of us from heaven.

- Dreaming of the planet JUPITER, represents wisdom.

- To dream of the planet MARS, it means misfortune that may be caused our cruelty or disregard for someone, or by the cruelty or lack of consideration for someone to us.

- The planet MERCURY in our dream, we are told we will have good luck business and labor matters.

- If our dream is dawning in the sky and see the MOON AND VENUS (star of sunrise and sunset that you see next to the moon) means that our concerns have been completed and augurs the beginning of something good.

- If in our dream we see that the planets CHANGE FROM ORBIT, it means that an important change in our situation or in our environment is approaching.

- The planet SATURN in our dreams, it means the defeat of an enemy or adversary.

- If you dream that THERE IS LIFE ON ANOTHER PLANET, the dream tells us that there other worlds and life on other planets. This dream also reminds us that we own our own destiny, that is, we are free to choose.

- Dreaming of TRAVELING TO ANOTHER PLANET, where there are cities, means same as above.

- If in our dream is dawning and in the sky we see the moon and VENUS (Star of sunrise and sunset that is seen next to the moon), it means that our worries are over and augurs us the beginning of something good.


It means: light, protection, life and everything good, unless we see it dark, then we warn of approaching danger.
- If in our dream we see that the clouds can not see the sun, means that There is a danger that our projects are not made, unless the same dream we see the clouds away and let see the sun, then means that our projects will be made.
- If we see a blue sun, it means that something good is about to to start.
- Dreaming of a red sun, means approaching problems in a matter or in a business.
- If you dream of the rising sun, it means starting something good, too augurs prosperity and welfare.
- If you dream of the sun begins to hide in the afternoon, it means that something is coming to an end.

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