- This sign indicates that a plot against us is brewing.

- If in our dream SIMPLY WE SEE A TOY GUN, it means that we want to escape from a difficult problem, which is related to a plot against us.

- To dream that we THREATEN someone with a pistol means that our arguments and reasons are weak, so we will hardly manage to convince others.

- If we dream that we THREATEN SOMEONE WITH A PISTOL THAT SEEMS REAL BUT IS A TOY, it means that we can suffer a shame or a humiliation.

- To dream that we SHOULD SHOOT WITH A WATER GUN TO SOMETHING THAT HAS A WRONG MEANING, that is, that we wet it with the water pistol, it means that we will get rid of that bad that it means. In this case it is convenient to consult the meaning of the thing to which we shot in this same dictionary, in order to understand what we are doing.

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