This sign represents our passage through this world, those who accompany us may be those who are close to us, it usually means that everything is fine, but if we walk in circles, it means that we need a little Divine help. It is also important to pay attention to everything we see and what happens in our journey:

- If during the pilgrimage we see that the sky is is CLOUDY, it is a warning that there is something that is preventing us from carrying out our purposes.

- If the PATH IS DIVIDED or we are in front of a crossing, it means that we will have to choose where to direct our life, each path we see, represents an option, so that the meaning of the things we see in each path, can give more details about each option.

- If during the pilgrimage we see a RAINBOW, it means that everything is going well, and we are doing the right thing.

- If we see that it is a SUNNY day and a clear sky, it means that we are doing well.

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