This dream tells us that we have impure desires, it can also represent a dishonest person; unless it is a female animal, in that case it means: Fecundity.

- To dream that a dirty pig ATTACKS us, represents a dishonest person who is causing us problems.

- If we dream that there is pig's blood on the CEILING, it means that we should not think that all people are dishonest.

- If we dream that we go to a pet store where there is a pig and it happens that the manager of the store tells us that he is a very CLEAN PIG, it means that there is a person of bad appearance or bad reputation, who, although we they have said that it has regenerated, the truth is that even so we dislike it and cause us mistrust.

- If we dream that we run away from a white dog, and then we notice that the DOG BECOMES A PIG, it means that we have gotten rid of an engagement or marriage that did not suit us, especially because our former suitor is a very dishonest person .

- To dream of a dog that looks like a pig or a HYBRID OF DOG-PIG, represents a dishonest friend.

- If we dream of a DOLL in the shape of a pig and that speaks, it means that we should not believe in everything that a certain person has told us, since it is someone very dishonest.

- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex SAYS to us: ARE YOU A DONKEY OR A PIG? It tells us about matters of love and tells us that we should not behave in a lustful way but neither like fools, that is, it tells us that we should look for a midpoint (in this case the pig represents lust).

- If we dream of RAW MEAT, of pork, it means suffering because of a dishonest person.

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