The parties in general relate to hard times, but if it is a Baptism, Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, etc., we must consult the specific meaning.

- BE IN A PARTY tells us that hard times may come, in this case it is important to pay attention to other signs that may occur in the same dream, to know that will relate these potential hard times.

- If we dream we are CONCERNED, BECAUSE WE MUST LEAVE TO THE PARTY means that something is not right; it may also mean that we are concerned about an issue and that something is not right. Even if we leave the party, then it means that everything will be fine or we get rid of a difficulty.

- If in our dream we are at a party, usually related to difficulties, but if we DANCE then the meaning is related with our partner or with someone like us.

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- If we dream of a MAKEUP PARTY, the dream tells us that difficult times ahead because we're trying to hide something of ourselves, or because of a hoax.

- To dream that someone did NOT INVITE us to your party, it means that we will manage to avoid any difficulties can occur.

- If we dream that we are at a party, and suddenly began to make SEXUAL MOANS, means that if we do not control our instincts and sexual appetites, we can come to have many difficulties.

- If we dream that we are at a party and suddenly someone starts SHOOT, means that soon we will face difficulties and dangers. But if we dream that we are at a party and suddenly see someone kill a person with one shot, it means that we probably will soon begin to have difficulties and we fail to understand the ability of some people, which advises us to analyze the situation well before everything starts to get worse.

- If we dream that we are at a party where we see SOMEONE WE LIKE and not reject us, but then someone tries to take it, means that we also like to that person, but we have a rival that can cause us difficulties.


Baby shower:
- If someone married, dream to makes a baby chower, means that there is happiness in her marriage and is happy with her husband and son. But if someone single dreams a baby chower, then, means you want to marry.
- If a married woman dreams that will make a baby chower, but then gets angry at her husband's family, and goes, it's a board that says, that in the future, it is best to avoid unnecessary discussions with the family of her husband or any of them, and they do not understand the reasons and are not willing to budge, even though they know they are wrong, because that way to avoid difficulties in your marriage.

- To dream that INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died, you can also treats of the death of a friend we have not seen in a long time.
And so it mean, if we dream that we are invited or attended the wedding of a relative.
- If in the dream we see that a FRIEND (whom we do not know in our waking life), ARRIVES IN A CAR TO INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died and the car give us a clue who it is, so that if a late model car, it means that this is a young person; if it is an older model, means that it was an older person; if a car in poor condition, is because it was a poor person; if we see that its bodywork is covered with skin, meaning it was a wealthy person, and so on.
- ATTEND OUR OWN WEDDING: • If we are single, it means positive changes in our lives.
• If we are married: marital troubles, and the same means, if we are getting married with our wife.
- If we dream that we GOT STOOD UP AT CHURCH ON OUR WEDDING DAY, it means fear of rejection, this dream advises us have more confidence in the opposite sex.
- If only we see a BRIDE, means that soon we will find someone to marry and have luck in economics.
- If you dream that we TRY IT A WEDDING DRESS, means that a relative or friend died recently, sometimes it's someone we have not seen in a long time.
- To dream that we TRY IT A BRIDE-DRESS MADE OF WHITE PAPER, means that some time ago a family member or friend left of this world, but we should not worry because it is in Heaven. This dream is a message from that friend or family member, who tells us that he(she) is already good in Heaven.

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