A parking lot is a waiting period (as the bench at a football game), so that we get out of the parking lot, it means that we will have good prospects for the future as it amounts to the ability to act, but if we parked a car and down it, then it means that something that started well, can end badly, as we will have little chance to act or do something.

- To dream that we parked on a street, but instead of a car, we do a BED WITH WHEELS, means that for now will have very little chance of succeeding in the sensual or family issues.

- If we enter to the parking and we GET LOST, marks a period of reflection.

- To dream about we LEFT OF A PARKING LOT IN OUR CAR, means that we have good possibilities for the future.

- If we dream we PARKED A CAR AND DOWN IT, means that something that started well, is likely to end badly, so it is advice to analyze the situation more.

- To dream that someone parks a TRAILER IN FRONT OF OUR ENTRY (of our house or shop), the dream tells us that there are some obstacles in our projects or that someone is trying to avoid that we can carry out our projects.

- If we are trying to get out of the parking lot but SOMETHING IS STOPPING US, it means that something is an obstacle in our life to aspire to achieve something better.

- To dream we LEFT IN OUR CAR OF AN UNDERGROUND PARKING, promises us that we are able to get out of a difficult situation.

- To dream that we are in a parking WITHOUT BEING IN A CAR (walk) And we got lost, it means that our situation takes a disturbing look and that there is very little chance for the future, yet the dream advises us not be discouraged and do more, to change the situation.

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