- If we dream that our parents, in reality ARE NOT OUR TRUE PARENTS, it means that we are upset with them or that lately we are puzzled by the way they behave.

- To dream that we ARGUED with our parents, means that we must avoid doing things that could lead us to that situation.

- If in the dream we see BOTH OUR MOM AND OUR DAD, it means that we are safe and well protected or that we have your support.

- If we dream that we try to talk to our parents by CELL PHONE but we canīt because we ran out of credit, it is a council that tells us that we must seek greater and better communication with them.
And the same thing means if we dream that we have any kind of problems to communicate by phone with them.

- If we dream that we have a girlfriend(boyfriend) EMO, and that she (he) KILLS OUR FATHERS, it means that there is someone emo, that we like, but if we decide to move forward it is very likely that she(him) will cause an upset to our parents, since it is very unlikely that they will get to sympathize.

- If we dream that our parents want to KILL US, it means that we feel guilty for something we did recently. It can also be a piece of advice that tells us to stop doing something that is not good (This dream comes from the expression: My parents are going to kill me!, which we usually say, when we were doing something very bad).

- If you dream that the PERSON THAT YOU LIKE, likes you, but not to his parents, means that in fact, she(he) also likes you but her(his) has doubts as to whether you are loyal and good or not.

- If we dream that OUR PARENTS LIKE THE PERSON WE LIKE It means that she(he) is a decent person. But if we dream that our parents do not like the person we like, then it means that that person is not completely decent. And if we dream that we are in our room with the person we like and that is that our parents see us, and they tell us that we make a beautiful couple, it means that we also like she(he) and that she(he) are decent people.

- If we dream that our parents WENT (In his time) AT THE SAME SCHOOL (The school we currently go to), it means that we have all their support for everything that has to do with the school, that is, that they will do everything that is its scope for us to continue studying.

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