The pants are related to the security we have in ourselves, we trousers fit well, means we have confidence and determination, but if we are not well placed or pants are not in good condition then it means the opposite.

- To dream that someone or we, bring pants that is too BIG for us, it means that there is something we must correct or do well.

- When the most notorious in the dream is to bring in a pair BLUE JEANS that are our size and we look good, means we have the courage and determination to deal with difficult cases.

- To dream of we wearing a BROKEN PANTS, tells us that we are doing takes courage and courage to face the situation.
But if we dream that we bring because trousers or gray pans and also noticed that it's broken, it means you are suffering from depression and anxiety, and this is because of our lack of determination and courage to do things.

- Dreaming about traveling on the subway or train, but we DO NOT BRING PANTS, means we need to show more courage and determination. But in addition to not wear pants, we also do not bring underwear means we feel powerlessness and helplessness, but what happens is that you simply need to show more courage and determination to get out of difficult situations.

- See that we FALL pants, means that we need security. But if we see that we rise pants means we will soon have enough security, which will bring us good luck in solving our issues.

- If in our dream we get GREEN pants tells us that showing courage and determination, you can make things better.

- If we dream that we bring PATCHING PANTS tells us that we need more determination and make things better.

- View OTHER PERSON BECOMES OUR PANTS, means that we fear that that person take the role and authority that we believe our share.

- If we dream that PEE IN TROUSERS, means that there are issues that we keep private (not public do not discuss them).

- If our dream is related pants POCKETS, means:
a) If in our dream, our pocket is broken, it means loss of money.
b) The things we see in our pockets, insurance is something that achieve gain and is related to the meaning of the thing we see in them, but if bills then it means money problems.

- If we dream that we RIPPING his pants, tells us that we are losing the guts and courage to do things.

- See that the pants we have been SHORT, means that we are afraid of ridicule.

- If we are SICK, and dream our pants, predicts that soon we will enjoy health.

- If you are sick, and we see a pants STORE, but do not buy any pants, means that we do things right, with determination and without fear, or otherwise we cannot achieve our goals.

- If we dream that we THROW AWAY A BROKEN TROUSERS, tells us that we're getting rid of our fears and insecurities, which is good.

- Dreaming that we WEARING THE PANTS OF SOMEONE ELSE, means that we are being too bossy, this is we always want to do our bidding without taking into account the views of others.

- If in our dream we see WET pants, means that our shyness is causing us problems.

- To dream that we break the ZIPPER pants, means frustration and is related to the couple or sex. It can also mean that someone is dominating or manipulating.

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