- If in the dream we PACT SOMETHING WITH SOMEONE, it means that we can make mistakes, which will favor our adversaries.

- If we dream that we SELL THE SOUL TO A DEMON, it means that we feel anger and frustration.

- If we dream that we say we will NOT SELL THE SOUL TO A DEMON, it means that we will be free or we are getting rid of frustration; and if we dream that we say that we will not sell the soul to a demon in exchange for a love, the dream is more precise, and tells us that we will get rid of a frustration or something that caused us frustration and that is related to love.

- If we dream that someone we know has pacts with MOBSTERS, and we also notice that he can not see well, it means that this person has dealings with evil spirits or that he has dedicated himself for a long time to the practice of witchcraft (and although witchcraft for the most part is superstition, the truth is that it exists, so we should not trust ourselves too much about that kind of people).

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