The nose represents our vision of things, and in the negative (when is too long or there is something nasty in it) is the lie and dishonesty.

- To dream that we see someone that looks like A KNOWN, and noticed that HAVE A BIG NOSE, it means the person to whom it seems, is dishonest and unreliable.

- If you dream that we begin to leave many GRAINS IN THE NOSE, tells us that we should not be dishonest.

- If a CHILD DREAMS OF A LONG NOSE, it means that he fears discover their lies.

- If a CHILD, DREAM TO HAVE BLOOD ON THE NOSE, it means he feels that this being excessively punished or reprimanded by a parent or teacher, even if we do not see it that way.

- To dream that we have a FLY ON THE NOSE, means that we have committed a lack.

- If you dream that FIGHT WITH PINOCCHIO or someone who has a LONG NOSE like when Pinocchio told lies, and hold them to the nose, means it is important to defend our interests and see the someone else's lies, such as the lies of one of our enemies.

- If we dream that we are talking to someone and suddenly TOUCHED HIS NOSE, this is because he is lying about something, or because this annoyed him something of ourselves or of our attitude, and its meaning is the same whether it happens to us in our daily living or to see it in our dream.

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