A necklace, but that is not a jewelry chain, can have several meanings depending on the material, if you have a charm or pendant, as we see, or in Whom, so in this case the ideal is to seek more specific meaning.

- If we GIVE A NECKLACE someone we know, that means we want someone as a couple.

- If a man dreams of a black CAT wearing a GOLD NECKLACE, especially if the cat sees your eyes, representing a valuable woman who the man is not taking into enough account.

- If in our dream we see a woman who is wearing a LEATHER NECKLACE, tells us that we are doing well.

- If SOMEBODY PUT A NECKLACE and recognize him/her, it means to be careful with that person, but if we do not recognize, then we must be careful not to be carried away by vain and sensuality.

- If in the dream you see a woman wearing an LEATHER NECKLACE and noticed that it carries a FIGURE OF AN ANGEL or a good Being, it means that an angel or a good being, help us carry out an excellent project, plus it will succeed in it.

- If in the dream we see a known person wearing a necklace, and noticed that the hanging PENDANTS GIVE RELATED WITH RELIGION, RITUAL (practice some form of witchcraft), sect, or spirit tells us that religion, sect, rite, or spirit; that person is entrusted.

- If in our dream we see a PEARL NECKLACE, or if we see a lot of jewelry, but most attracts our attention is a pearl necklace, tells us that we must beware of a person, as it could damage something that is important to us.


Jewelry Chain:
- If it is a jewelry chain, whether gold, silver, platinum or fantasy, it means imprisonment.
- If in our dream we see a broken chain (jewelry, whether gold, silver, platinum, or fantasy), it means that we have saved from going to prison, it can also mean that we got rid of a difficult problem.
- To dream of a jewelry chain with medal, of any material, which has the image of a frog (pendant with an image of a grog), it means that there is a danger of ending up in prison because of someone who has ill will and that will do anything to harm, including witchcraft.
- If it is a jewelry chain with religious images, tells us that we will have peace and harmony, except in the case of a crucifix, because then it means confusion, and or penalties.

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