- See us in the mirror and see that we have BEARD, tells us that our moderemos lust for power and money, and give higher priority to the values are more important as friendship and loyalty.

- If we see in the mirror is BETTER THAN REALITY, it means that we are self-serving and selfish.

- If you see a BROKEN MIRROR, or breaks, it means that approximates a Unfortunately.

- If you dream of a CIRCULAR MIRROR, FRAMED IN RED, AND IRS BOKEN, we are told we are in danger because of someone who wants revenge on us.

- If the mirror is DIRTY, it means an accident that will be of little importance.

- Dreaming with a mirror INSIDE A CONTAINER FILLED WITH WATER, means that soon have special protection.

- When looking at the mirror, we are OLD, the dream we says that we are afraid of getting old, and if it is a nightmare, we said to fear getting older too fast.

- If you SPIT OR WRAP, A BROKEN MIRROR means that we have delivered the danger of a disaster to happen, because we make a good decision.

- If we see the mirror image of SOMEONE ELSE means that about a disgrace.

- If we see the mirror the image of SOMEONE ELSE, BUT THEN WRAP IT UP, means that we got rid of the danger of the occurrence of a disaster, because we make a good decision.

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