- If we tasted a smoothie or milkshake and is very COLD, it may mean loss of vitality or disease.

- If we see an EMPTY GLASS and noticed that was filled with smoothie or milkshake before, it means bad luck and is related to taste, for example, if was filled with chocolate milkshake, it is sad and bad luck in the family; if it was full of flavor strawberry smoothie, means bad luck in love; if it was filled with of walnut milkshake means infertility; and if it was full of banana smoothie flavor, means bad luck in love.

- If we tasted a milkshake and it tastes is SOUR, means that we will suffer discomfort and distress.

- According to the FLAVOR:

- To dream about we drink a milkshake of banana with a very kid STRAW OR WITH THREE STRAWS, means that for good luck in love we should show a little more maturity.

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