The milk symbolizes abundance, fertility, prosperity and knowledge.

- Dreaming of a woman with BREASTS FILLED WITH MILK reveals that she will soon become pregnant. Unless it is very young or very old, in which case the dream refers to a close relative.

- If we dream CONDENSED milk, portends prosperity and knowledge.

- If in our dream we see CREAM (Cream which is formed in the fresh milk ) or we eat cream, it is a good sign that tells us that we will have good luck financially.

- DRINK MILK portends wealth, fertility, prosperity and health.

- If in the dream we see someone we know (Someone of the opposite sex, whether our girlfriend (boyfriend) or someone we like) eating ICE CREAM OF BREAST MILK FLAVOR, means that she (he) wants to have children from us or that we want to have a child with that person.

- The SOUR milk means domestic problems.

- To dream about milk POWDER or an ad for milk powder, says it is important to be firm in our decisions, even if they are being bad, or otherwise we run the risk of losing money or our goods.

- Dreaming SPILLING MILK portends unhappiness and losses.

- Dreaming a woman with milk filled TITS reveals she soon is pregnant or who already is.

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