- To dream that we send a message to the ALIENS, means that we have difficulty adapting to our environment and we need a little help.

- To dream that the EX BOYFRIEND (Ex girlfriend) of our girlfriend(boyfriend), leaves a message to her(him), means that there is a danger that she(he) returns with his(her) ex.

- If we dream that someone we like sends us a text message via CELL PHONE, where she(he) says she(he) love us, means that person likes you. But if the message is from our girlfriend(boyfriend), it means that she loves us.

- If we dream that the POLICE are chasing us, and we send a cell phone message to our wife, that we will be caught by the police, it means that we have a complex of guilt that is preventing us from doing things well, besides that we would want to have more support from our wife.

- If in our dream, SOMEONE SAYS TO US A MESSAGE, we should look for the meaning of the words, but if someone gives us a written message, it means concerns with that we see written in the message, for example, if in the written message We see accounts appear, it means a concern with accounts payable that are pending.

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