This dream warns us that if we behave like fools, we can compromise the realization of useful and valuable things.

- If we dream that a mentally retarded person begins to HIT us, it means that it is very likely that a silly person will hit us in some way, for example: That a reckless driver gives a blow to our car, which advises us to be careful in the following days.

- If we dream that we were mentally retarded, but that we were given a MEDICINAL PRODUCT TO BE NORMAL, it means that it has been difficult for us to improve in our work or activities, but soon there will come a good opportunity to improve or get out of the stalemate.

- If we dream that we see a group of PROTESTERS in front of us, who seem to have mental retardation, it means that there are people who will try to prevent us from achieving our purposes, in addition to the risk that we end up seeing ourselves as fools before others. What advises us to be strong in character, in addition to looking for the most effective means to achieve our goals.

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