To dream of menstruation, it augurs good luck and good fortune.

- If in our dream we see a closed door, and notice that in the DOOR KNOB HAS MENSTRUATION BLOOD, the dream tells us of an adversary who is trying to make everything go wrong (Someone who wants us to close all the doors) ; But if in the dream we open it represents the possibility of overcoming it. It can also mean that someone is doing witchcraft (Regardless of whether it works or not).

- If a woman dreams that menstruates in abundance at the same time that it DEFECATES, it means that at the moment it is not going to be pregnant, so that it will not be in difficulties, but on the contrary, will have very good luck in the economic thing.

- If a man (Especially a young man) dreams that his GIRLFRIEND stops menstruating, it means that if he is not careful, sooner or later his girlfriend will end up pregnant.

- If a PREGNANT WOMAN DREAMS that she is menstruating, it represents a concern related to her pregnancy.

- But if we dream of a TAMPON with blood or menstruation, it means that there are documents or something that can prevent that an official body runs over our rights.

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