- If in the dream we see one of our relatives DEAD and down the bed mattress, means that our family could be in danger, and also tells us that sometimes make you as comfortable can endanger our families , so we should try to act wisely or at least take the necessary precautions.

- If in the dream WE GET SOMETHING OF DOWN THE MATTRESS bed (something that has a good meaning), tells us that we will have some help or that something will be useful and is related to the meaning of what we get from under the mattress.

- If it's GOOD QUALITY AND CLEAN, indicates relative comfort.

- If we dream that we are in a mattress INFLATABLE POOL but without getting wet, says we want peace and quiet.

- If we are sleeping in our bedroom, in THE PURE MATTRESS (without bed), augurs difficulties in love.

- If in the dream we see a TOMB THAT LOOKS LIKE A MATTRESS, and even more if we lie down in it, means that a comfortable situation or making it more comfortable, we can bring difficult times. This dream advises us not to go for the most comfortable or easy.

- If this TORN AND DIRTY, means different setbacks.

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