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The materials used to make talismans

ith regard to materials, they can help us by its special properties and its various meanings, the most important here:

Amber is a mineral that was formed from the sap of trees. Amber serves especially to protect children from any danger.

This blue-green stone is related with the Cosmic Soul and is ideal for those who wish to study parapsychology, because that gives us inspiration and patience.

Diamond helps us gain strength and determination in order to confront the most difficult problems.

Gold is one of the best materials with which to develop an amulet, as it has very special qualities psychic, as well as being a metal, and therefore an excellent conductor of psychic energy, is also an material that is not oxidized, has a special shine, has a special relationship with the sun, which is the star that is bigger in the sky, and is possessor of great energy.
Gold protects us from evil hence it is not surprising that the kings bearing crowns, because they like to be a magic circle and be made of gold, are ideal for protecting the mind and thus help make the right decisions (In our case If we need to protect our minds and decisions, I can carry a gold in the shape of a crown). Gold also has healing qualities, if used the right way.

The iron being a metal, it's a driver of mental or spiritual energy, so it forms a strong bond with the Soul or the place that this represented at the amulet, in addition to the above, iron symbolizes the strength, what it provides us with a special force, in order to achieve our purposes.
Sometimes the iron is mixed with other metals, such as the so-called alloys, which is even better, because mixtures of metals are a sign of alliance and therefore force, and it does not oxidize, so the do even better.

The jade is one of the best materials to produce amulets, as it is a strong material and the color green is associated to the Divine, which helps us find the right path and achieve success cope with all difficulties, as well as provide you with strength and determination.

Above we see a chest of gold and jade, similar to that used by the prophet Quetzalcoatl, who was a prophet king who ruled with wisdom and justice. The talisman can give us protection and good fortune, representing the Cycles of weather and the Divine Order.

Mercury is a liquid metal, and you'll likely see him in thermometers. Mercury helps us to adapt to new circumstances and gives us strength to face the unpredictable.

Metals in General
All metals possess special qualities, so the amulets and talismans that contain metals are more effective, for example: the blood that flows for our body contains iron, which is a metal, so that flowing of the liquid and the metal that it contains does that the soul adheres to the body, so if you stop the blood flow through your body, the body would have no life, because in addition to the reasons that we could give a physician, who also happens to stop the flow of metal content in the liquid, the soul of follow immediately.
With the metal amulets something similar happens in this case although the amulet can not get a accedes to the soul, if you can help an angel could find it faster and may be close to us with more ease.

Typically, meteorites are composed of a mixture of various metals, and have the qualities to help us beat our opponents and confront the worst situations, in addition to providing a great strength and tenacity. In ancient times, it came to use that material to produce swords of the kings in order to extend protection to their kingdoms, as was the case of King Arthur that the kingdom for many centuries in England. Arthur lived in a castle located on a hill called Camelot, King Arthur albeit with some difficulty, became a king and just had a sword called Excalibur, which was made from a fragment from a meteorite. The sword was used as a sign and an amulet that helped the king to increase his qualities of courage and strength, because it helped him win many battles difficult (In our case, I can carry an object or another in the shape of a sword, and although the ideal thing is that out of the material of a meteorite, it is enough that it is of metal; this sign in addition to giving us strength, can help us overcome all difficulties).

Above we can see an image of a sword-like Excalibur.

The quartz is excellent transmitters of the psychic energy and also serve as transmitters of thought. For example, quartz can help us when we are tired physically or spiritually. Also by their color can encourage us in different ways, depending on the meaning of having ringtone (See: Colors).

The silver as a metal, it constitutes a strong psychic tie, is associated to the moon, and among his best qualities that protect us from the dangers.
An excellent silver amulet, may be a moon made of this metal, because we can provide special protection, as well as help in matters of love, fertility, and be related to the Cycles of time, it helps us when started a new project.

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