- To dream that we masturbate, means: Solitude.

- If we dream that we masturbate in the room of a HOTEL, this is a tip that tells us that we must move away from our daily routine, otherwise we expect loneliness and stress.

- IF WE ARE ALREADY MARRIED, and dream to we masturbate, it can mean unmet sexual needs or estrangement.

- If a man dreams that his MOM DISCOVER him masturbating, but instead of scolding him does something morbid, it means solitude and sexual needs that he has not been able to satisfy.
But if he dreams that his mother finds him masturbating and scolds him, then it means sexual needs that he has failed to satisfy and partly because of a guilty complex.

- If a man dreams that two SNAKES are fighting and a moment later the snakes begin to masturbate him, it means that someone took away his wife or girlfriend (That his girl went with another), and now he is very lonely and sad.

- If we dream that SOMEONE WHO WE KNOW is masturbating, it means that that person is suffering from solitude, even bitterness because of the same.

- Dreaming WE ARE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX AND WE ARE MASTURBING, it means that we feel rejected by the opposite sex or that it is difficult for us to relate to the opposite sex and that is causing us problems of identity. This dream advises us to approach the opposite sex little by little to gain greater confidence and return to normal.

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