If in the dream we are getting married, you can signify our desire to get married, but if have no desire to marry, or we're married, means it can happen again Unfortunately soon.

- If we dream that one of our brothers ASKED US TO MARRY TO HER(HE) and happens, although we do not want to, accept means that we ourselves or someone close to us is in danger of death (eg, die because of a accident). In this case the most convenient is to get a silver amulet, to avoid something bad happens.

- If we are not yet married and dream that ONE OF OUR BROTHERS TO BE MARRIED (in this case the meaning is the same whether a woman dream about your sister or brother or a man dreams of his sister or brother) with ONE OF OUR ENEMIES, means that there is someone we like, but we think that is probably have something to do with our enemies, whether friendship, complicity, relationship, society, and so on. this dream tells us that our suspicions are true, and we advises caution.

- To dream that we were married OUR EX GIRL FRIEND (boy friend), means approaching a danger or mishap. It may also mean that we desire to be married, yet we said to be careful with our suitors or likely suitors, and there is a looming threat, which we advises caution.

- If we dream WE HAVE AN EX-GIRLFRIEND (or a ex boyfriend if the dream is of a woman) TO BE MARRIED, AND SHE(HE) IS A FAMOUS ACTRESS OR SINGER, means that we desire married, but did not feel it sufficiently recognized or appreciated.

- If we are single and dream that we are MARRIED TO SOMEONE NAZI, tells us that we must be careful not to relate or vindictive and associate with people racist, since they can be bad influence.

- If we are single and dream that we are MARRIED TO ONE NAZI AND THAT SHE(HE) TRIES TO KILL US, tells us that if we relate or associate with someone we vindictive and racist, we can end very bad, which advises us not to relate to that person, or at least relate the little as possible with her(his).

- If we dream we are married (when reality we are not), and we ANNOYING or uncomfortable, BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT BE MARRIED, this is a warning that tells us to think things through before them, because we can finish a very difficult and uncomfortable, but also may mean that there is a situation that is bothering us.

- If we dream that we are ABOUT TO GET MARRIED, BUT DO NOT WANT means that misfortune can happen.

- If we dream that we are MARRIED WITH A NUN (or MONK, the fact is that sex is opposite), means we want to marry someone, but there is a feeling of guilt stop us, so we recommend get rid of that feeling which is unjustified.

- If in our daily living we are not yet married, and dream that we are RECENTLY MARRIED, means desire to marry, and to turn tells us not what we sufficiently appreciated, either because even not find someone to like you enough to marry, or if we have a promised, because we feel that we are not appreciated enough.

- If it's a dream where we got married TO ONE OF OUR SAME SEX, means we are being selfish or too vain.

- If we are married and dream WE MARRIED SOMEONE, signifies our desire to marry someone, AND IF WE FURTHER CHILDREN We dream, we said that we want married and have children soon.

- IF SOMEONE MARRIED dreams of be married with SOMEONE ELSE AND THE MOTHER OF THAT SOMEONE CLAIMS YOU something, then you have desires toward that person or to someone who anything like that person, but also well advised to analyze the situation, that if you choose or continues to be unfaithful to her(his) partner, you may see in all types of demands (for example, demands a divorce, for custody of children, adultery, offense, etc.).

- IF SOMEONE MARRIED dreams of marrying or BE MARRIED TO ANOTHER PERSON, means an desire for that person who looks married in the dream.

- If in our daily living we are single and dream that we are in the civil registry WAITING TO OUR FUTURE PARTNER, BUT SEE SHE(HE) MARRYING SEVERAL TIMES with different people, means we want to get married and anyone who would like to marry us, but there's something you do not like to us, for example: A fitness, excess weight .....


- To dream that INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died, you can also treats of the death of a friend we have not seen in a long time. And so it mean, if we dream that we are invited or attended the wedding of a relative.

- If in the dream we see that a FRIEND (whom we do not know in our waking life), ARRIVES IN A CAR TO INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died and the car give us a clue who it is, so that if a late model car, it means that this is a young person; if it is an older model, means that it was an older person; if a car in poor condition, is because it was a poor person; if we see that its bodywork is covered with skin, meaning it was a wealthy person, and so on.

- ATTEND OUR OWN WEDDING: a) If we are single, it means positive changes in our lives.

b) If we are married: marital troubles, and the same means, if we are getting married with our wife.

- If we dream that we GOT STOOD UP AT CHURCH ON OUR WEDDING DAY, it means fear of rejection, this dream advises us have more confidence in the opposite sex.

- If only we see a BRIDE, means that soon we will find someone to marry and have luck in economics.

- If you dream that we TRY IT A WEDDING DRESS, means that a relative or friend died recently, sometimes it's someone we have not seen in a long time.

- To dream that we TRY IT A BRIDE-DRESS MADE OF WHITE PAPER, means that some time ago a family member or friend left of this world, but we should not worry because it is in Heaven. This dream is a message from that friend or family member, who tells us that he(she) is already good in Heaven.

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