Usually a young man, represent an adversary. But if is a mature man, means protection and safety, for example: If we see a mature man accompanied by family members, means that we are protected by the family and we can count on your support (must be an unknown man); but for example, if we dream in a vehicle where driving for an older man, then this means that someone we overprotective and may be someone who also see in the same vehicle.
Another point to consider is the features or things we remember in detail, so that an unknown man represents an opponent, but if is a doctor, then we must look for the most specific meaning, in this case, that of Doctor; another example is if a woman dreams who falls in love for a stranger, then she must see: "Love" to be the most specific.

- If a woman dreams that she has a BOYFRIEND whom she did not know in your waking life, means success in love. And the same meaning if she dreams that she FALLS IN LOVE for a man or a man who falls in love for her.

- If a woman dreams that she has a BOYFRIEND whom she did not know in your waking life, in the dream and HE ASK TO SOMEONE THAT WATCH HER, to see if he is being unfaithful, means that there is someone who likes she, but does not apply because distrust she by the way it behaves or because of gossip.

- A man DRESSED ALL IN BLACK, represents a dangerous enemy.

- If in our dream we see a man ENTERING BY THE BATHROOM WINDOW, means that someone tries to steal or deceive in order to steal something.

- If we dream we see several PHYSICAL BODYBUILDERS, tells us that our opponents can get to abuse their position, which advises us to be cautious.

- If we dream a man, but SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENS, such as: who discuss with us a tip, give him thanks, talk to, etc. is advisable to consult: "Advice", "Discussion", "Thank You", "Talk" in the dictionary..... (Previous section).

- If you dream a young man with aspect of INTELLECTUAL, tells us that we have an enemy who is very skilled.

- If in our dream we see a young man with a STRANGE OR RARE FACE; as if from an unknown country or of an unknown race, it means that someone wants to impose their ideas by force.

- If we dream TWO YOUNG MEN behaving like homosexuals, means we have two enemies who have become accomplices to try to harm us.

- A young man WOUNDED IN THE STOMACH and even more if we see blood coming; represents an enemy who is very angry and wounded pride, yet he warns that it is a dangerous person who wants revenge.

- If in our dream we see a young man is an enemy, and when we see a woman, its meaning varies, but there are some EXCEPTIONS where the dream speaks of a person and gives us a clue who it is, for example:

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