- This dream tells us we are in a situation that seems difficult and we want a little Divine help to assist us.

- If the dream we see some of our work or homework, and someone says, "This is magic," means we are in a difficult situation that relates to our work or homework and we want a little Divine help. This dream advises us to go to a sacred place (a sacred mountain, Teotihuacan, the Tepeyac, a Sacred tree, etc.) and then ask for help from God and angels, as well as bring an offering, such as, for example: A bouquet of roses.

- Dreaming about travel to a magical world, means we want a little Divine help to reach a higher spiritual level, or to change our destiny.

- If it's witchcraft, means the following:
• We have a trouble.
• It may also mean that someone is manipulating, or that some people are manipulating our environment.
That means the first or second, depends on our current situation.

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