- If in our dream we see a BILL taped to a piece of magazine, it means that to avoid money problems, we must check everything and especially that everything is complete and not halfway (That nothing important is missing).

- To dream you see carefully the COVER of a magazine, it means that we are interested in what we see in that image. In this case it is advisable to consult the meaning of what we see on the cover, but sometimes the interest relates exactly to what we see in the picture.

- If in our dream we see CULTURAL MAGAZINE(History, art...) tells us to review and analyze more things that we have learned to use them better. But if the cultural magazine is in another language, tells us to review more and decrypt some data from our sources that is books, journals, data, documents, etc., and if we translate then tells us that certain events will help us decipher our data sources.

- If you see an open magazine, and here we see the image of a computer KEYBOARD, tells us that we need to review some of our work or something that relates to the way we're doing our job.

- If in our dream we see a magazine OPEN AND THERE CAN SEE SOME PICTURE, tells us to look at our business, and is related to the image we see in it or its meaning.

- To dream that we PULL OUT SHEETS of a magazine, tells us to revise our present life, and that something is hurting us, and if we distinguish the images in the sheets, we must look for its meaning for more details.

- SEE MAGAZINE in our dream means it is appropriate to revise our present life.

- If in the dream we are doing TEST OF A MAGAZINE, means we have a concern.

- To dream about a WET MAGAZINE augurs difficulties and disappointments because of that we have not been aware of our affairs, that is, that we have not been going well.

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