The coyote like all the signs in our dreams, has positives and negatives depending on how you see them, so that in its negative aspect is dishonest and dangerous people, but on the positive side represents a force that is capable of protect us from danger, as when we see a white coyote or coyote with feathers instead of hair (Coyote feathered).

- If in our dream we see an aggressive coyote, tells us that we need not be fair to the dishonest and treacherous people.

- Dreaming of an amulet that has to do with the coyote, tells us that enjoy special protection, and promises us good luck in love.

- Dreaming of a white coyote, tells us that we have a little help from heaven to be able to leave a dangerous situation.

- If in our dream we see a coyote in our way, means there will be robbers on the road, or that we will find dishonest people.

- If in our dream we see a coyote walking in the desert, we said that we should not think that all people are dishonest.


This dream may mean that poor fitness are consenting to us, such as malice toward others. It can also mean a bad omen, akin to a person close to us that may be detrimental to our projects. But if our dream we catch the fox and killed him, it means that we will succeed despite the difficulties.

Symbolizes cowardice, and evil passions.
- Dreaming of a hyena tells us that we suffer a betrayal, but in the same dream that we run away, or somehow overcome it means that we will emerge unscathed from any treachery.

Means risk of losing money.

- If in our dream we see a wolf or a wolf, it's a warning, telling us that we must be careful with some of our friends, dishonest, or from our opponents who act in a disloyal and treacherous.
- To dream of a wolf evil, says it's important that we be careful with someone close who can act treacherous and disloyal.
- Dream a wolf that devours us, means that there is a serious danger on us, because of someone close, who is also a (a) hypocritical and treacherous.
- Dreaming bad wolf becomes good tells us that someone close to us in the past was disloyal and treacherous (a) and even seems to have changed their way of life, advises us not to sleep too complacent.

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