This dream is associated with the hate and fear, revenge shows.

- If you dream that SOMEONE YOU KNOW THROW KNIVES, means that person has or ill will or want revenge on us.

- If a KITCHEN KNIFE says that approach disputes in marriage, we must analyze the situation well, to anticipate any problem

- If the dream we see PAIL OF WATER, and in the background we see two knives in a cross, tells us that we are well protected, meaning that there is nothing to fear.

- If you dream of SOMEONE THROWING KNIVES TO OUR MOTHER, we are told that they approach problems from someone who has bad feelings towards us or towards our mother.

- To dream that you KILL SOMEONE with a knife, means we want to stop anyone getting into our business, plus we want revenge on that someone. What we are advised to seek a good strategy and not revenge, which can give us even better results.

- Dreaming WE FIGHT WITH KNIVES AND KILL OUR OPPONENT, means we will soon achieve revenge on someone to state meddling in our affairs. This dream tells us that although there are times when it is necessary to defend our interests, we should try to avoid damage to our opponents more than is strictly necessary.

- If we are single, and dream of a knife (kitchen or used to eat) FOUL ON THE KITCHEN TABLE, tells us to think who marry to avoid future disputes in marriage. It can also be a warning that tells us that if we get married, for example, civil, you'd better do it for separate property or taking steps to avoid future disputes.

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