The knees represent our stability, if the knees are strong and healthy, it means we have stability.
But if the knees are weak, then it means that our situation is not good.

- If we dream that some snakes kill some unknown CHILDREN and leave them holes in the knees, it means that we got rid of a dangerous enemy(s) and largely thanks to him(them) does not have enough determination to do things.

- If in our dream we KNEEL before anyone, it means our submission to that person.

- If the KNEELING OUR KNEES ARE WEAK and we see it in poor condition, it means that our economic situation is not good or that we can soon get to fall into a very difficult economic situation.

- If we dream of a stew or SOUP containing knees (Knees of animal origin) it means that there is a promising subject, but it is important not to be afraid to do things and act with firmness and determination.

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