This sign represents something that can go wrong, and in other cases the desire to end up with something.

- To dream that you kill someone with an ACCOMPLICE says we want someone to stop putting in our affairs, yet we should not do reckless things, ie, tells us that we must act prudently in anything we do or plan to.

- If we KILL AN ANIMAL that is, we expect it to go away sad or upset anything for us. (In other cases: see killed, death.)

- If we are married and we dream that our BROTHER-IN-LAW (Sister-in-Law) KILLS ONE OF OUR BROTHERS, it is a piece of advice that tells us that we must be careful with that person, since he will try to separate us from our wife (husband).

- If in our daily living we have a dangerous enemy, and dream that we KILLED A CHILD (the same sex as our enemy), means we want to defeat this enemy.

- If you dream of someone CHASING US AND KILL US, and then returned in time to when they began to haunt us, means that there is a danger, but the future depends on what we do now.

- Dreaming a CROOK TRIES TO KILL A FAMILY member with a knife, it means that someone is trying to hurt someone of our family, for the purpose of revenge on us.
But if we face it in the dream and avoid to kill our family, tells us that without difficulty we managed to avoid that vengeance.

- If we dream that we travel in a BUS AND SUDDENLY SOMEONE KILLS THE DRIVER, it means that there is a nearby danger. An arrow to kill.

- If we dream that we KILL A DEMON it means that we have managed to get rid of an unjustified sense of guilt.

- If we dream that the EX OF OUR GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) wants to kill us, it means that he/she hates us, for the reason that he/she wants to get back with his/her ex and sees us as an obstacle.

  • If we dream that we murder the EX and CHILDREN OF OUR PARTNER, it means that we would like to see them as far away as possible from our partner.
  • If we dream that we scratch our ex (with whom we have a child), and then it happens that the spirit of a child appears to us, who tells us that he will not allow us to kill his MOM/DAD, It means that we should not harm our ex too much, nor distance him or her from our son, since we could damage their self-esteem among other things.

- If we dream that a FAMILY MEMBER/FRIEND, WHO HAS ALREADY DEPARTED THIS WORLD, asks us to kill a certain person, it means that that person did something very bad to him. (He made life difficult for him, he swindled him, beat him up, etc.).

- If you dream of KILLING A FRIEND (whether it is someone whom we know in our daily living, or to see someone who does not know in our daily living) means it is very likely to soon lose someone's help.

- If we dream that someone KILLS OUR GIRLFRIEND (boyfriend), it means that there is someone who does not like that she/he is our girlfriend/boyfriend (Such as a rival or a relative of our girlfriend/boyfriend) and who will do everything possible to separate us from her/him.

  • If we dream that our girlfriend/boyfriend KILLS HIS/HER EX'S BOYFRIEND, it means that our girlfriend/boyfriend still has feelings for his/her ex and would like to hurt his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

- If we dream that we KILLED SOMEONE it means that we want someone to stop getting involved in our affairs, and if it is someone we know, then it means that we want that person to stop getting involved in our affairs.

- To dream that we FOUGT WITH KNIVES AND KILL OUR ENEMY, means we will soon achieve revenge on someone to state meddling in our affairs. This dream tells us that although there are times when it is necessary to defend our interests, we should try to avoid harm to our enemies more than is strictly necessary.

  • If you dream that we kill an ELDERLY PERSON WITH A KNIFE, it means that not a good idea to take revenge.
  • To dream that a thug tries to kill a FAMILY MEMBER WITH A KNIFE, means that there is someone who is trying to harm someone in our family, with the purpose of taking revenge on us. But if in the dream we confront him and prevent him from killing our family member(s), he tells us that we will be able to avoid that revenge without difficulty.
  • To dream that WE KILLED SOMEONE WITH A KNIFE, means that we want someone to stop meddling in our affairs, besides that we want to take revenge on that someone. What advises us to look for a good strategy and not revenge, which can even give us better results.

- If we dream that someone wants to kill the PERSON WE LIKE, it means that that person also likes us, but there are those who will try to sabotage us and ruin everything, such as a jealous mother, her ex, etc.

- If we dream that WE ARE KILLED BY A MONSTER, it means that if we get carried away by our childhood fears or guilt complexes, something can end badly.

- If we dream that some POLICEMEN KILL US, it means that we are in danger because of revenge or retaliation.

  • To dream that a POLICEMAN TRIES TO STOP US, BUT WE KILL HIM, means that we want to free ourselves from a guilt complex that does not leave us alone. In this case, the dream tells us that if we did something bad in the past, we must try to repair it and if it is not possible, we can compensate for it by doing something good for someone else.

- If divorced or single woman dreams of killing a PREGNANT WOMAN tells her to be careful whom he married, as some could end very badly. In this case the dream advised not to take hasty decisions and analyze the situation very well.

- If we see SOMEONE IS KILLED, it means that we are confused by the behavior of others.

- If in a dream, SOMEONE KILL US, is something that may end up negatively, if we do not care what it tells us the meaning of the other things contained in the dream. In the case of whether we are too old, can mean the approach of death.

- If you dream that SOMEONE IS KILLING US IN THE BACK or a woman dreams of killing a woman in the back, says it is likely that someone will betray us.

- If in our dream we see ourselves with our hands STAINED WITH BLOOD, and the next moment we realize that it is because WE JUST KILLED SEVERAL PEOPLE, it means that there is an issue that is causing us anxiety and we would like to finish with that or with certain people who keep meddling in our affairs; but at the same time the dream tells us to plan well what we are thinking of doing because something can end very badly.

- If we dream that we KILL A STRANGER, it means that we want someone to stop interfering in our affairs.

- If in the dream we see a TERMINATOR robot programmed to kill us, it represents a dangerous adversary, but at the same time it tells us that it is a person who is too mechanical and systematic, which we must take into account in order to defeat him.
But if we see the terminator programmed to kill us, turned off, it means that we managed to decipher its attack method in time and neutralize it, with which we managed to avoid a difficulty.

- If in our dream we see an UNCLE OR A NEPHEW TO KILL someone with a knife, it means that if we insist on revenge, something bad can happen.


If you dream of a slaughter, it means that we have some internal problems and advises us to let off steam by exercising or something like that helps us to distract.

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