This sign can have multiple meanings depending on who kidnap, for example: If you kidnap, usually associated with bad luck in our business or affairs, but can also mean that we feel stressed because of our current situation is difficult.

- If we dream that WE ARE KIDNAPPED BY A BLONDE AND WELL-LIKE PERSON, it means that to avoid bad luck we should not trust flattering people.

- To dream that kidnap someone we know, but back then, although we realize that they STOLE BODY ORGANS, it means that someone who is stealing, or causing injury to that person, and also if you see the scars, mean that the problem was caused because the person has had moral failings (If a is a known child, then it means that one of their parents had moral failings) here the council is to that known person or for their parents in their case, and is in the sense that correct such moral failings to avoid revenge and bad luck.

- Dreaming kidnap one of our BROTHERS, we are told that we may have bad luck in the business or affairs.

- If a mother or a grandmother, she dreams that let you know who kidnapped one of your CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN, BUT THEN REVIEW AND REALIZE THAT ALL ARE (NOT KIDNAPPED ANYONE) means that it has escaped the danger that happen something bad to one of their children or grandchildren, but still, this dream advised not overconfident.

- If we dream that a CLOWN kidnaps us, it means bad luck because of a person who behaves inappropriately.

- If we dream that a FAMOUS person is kidnapped, it means bad luck, in the sense that someone will hardly appreciate our talents and/or effort.

- To dream that a FRIEND is kidnapped means that we are likely to have bad luck due to lack of help. This dream advises us to pray so that we will not lack help when we need it.

- If we dream that someone kidnaps our GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND, it means that if we neglect (In the sense that we do not treat her/him well), someone could win her over, since there is someone else interested in her (him ) who is just waiting for an oversight on our part or for us to get angry with her (him) to take action.

- If KIDNAP US, means it is very likely to have bad luck in business.

- If we dream to KIDNAP US AND LOCK US IN A BOX, means that we have or will have bad luck in business because of a person who is manipulating or doing witchcraft.

- Dreaming kidnap us and KILL US, tells us that we have bad luck in our affairs or business, plus there is a looming threat, but who kidnap and kill is someone we know, means that person is in danger .

- If we dream that a MONSTER IS KIDNAPPING US, it represents bad luck due to a child fear or a guilt complex, for example: When someone tries to make us feel guilty, in order to take advantage of us in some way.

- Dreaming kidnap one of our NEPHEW (nice), means that we may have an unpleasant surprise and misfortune in our affairs. But if we can prevent the abduction, then, tells us that we will manage to avoid unpleasant surprises and bad luck.

-If a mother dreams of kidnap one of his SONS, it means that your child is concerned, which can be justified or not, but either way this dream you are advised to ensure that this good and not to run any danger.

- If we TAKING PART IN A KIDNAPPING, means there will be unexpected events that are going to amaze.

- If WE KIDNAP SOMEONE WE LOVE, signifies success in love.

- If WE KIDNAP ASTRANGER, means a danger in our activities.

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