The keys in our dreams may have several meanings, but in most cases are related to the possibility of finding the key for solve a problem (the one with the key faucet), unless the key is not used, because then it means we have lost the key or that key no longer serve us.

- OPEN DOOR using a key promises that go into a new situation, good or bad depending on the context of the dream. It can also mean to find the answer to a problem.

- If you dream that we DIFFICULTIES TURN THE KEY IN YOUR LOCK, promises us that we will find difficulties and obstacles in obtaining of what we want.

- A BROKEN KEY OR LOST, augurs a trouble and problems that impede the fulfillment of desires.

- OPEN THE DOOR AND ENTER a room in which a person is announced the opposite sex marriage.

- If you dream that a THIEF TRIES TO OPEN OUR CAR with a key, to steal something that is within him, tells us that an enemy has been find a way to steal something important, or to appropriate information privileged and which has been or can be done us harm.

- Have a GREAT BUNCH OF KEYS means the acquisition of goods or knowledge related to the number of keys of the bunch.

- If in the dream we LOSE A KEY, augurs trouble and problems prevent the realization of our desires.

- If in the dream we SEE A BROKEN KEY, augurs troubles and problems prevent the realization of our desires.


Alarm key:
- If it fails, it means that we must ensure that all is well.
- If it works well, it means that all is well in our affairs.

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