If we jump in our dream, can have two meanings, depending on whether a sport jump, or not so that if a sports jump and jumped up, tells us that all is well and no need to worry. But it's not a sports jump and we jumped dream something, then, is to overcome an obstacle that relates to what you skipped, or its meaning.

- If in the dreams we want jump but CANíT DO IT, means that someone or something is preventing us succeed.

- See we MUST JUMP AND WE DARE NOT, means fear of committing a reckless act.

- IF NOT A SPORT JUMP, the nature of the obstacles or dangers come we explained what the name of leap.

- IF SEE US REQUIRED TO JUMP means that we will be in a difficult situation.

- If in the dream we jump UP, this is a good sign, that is, we know we're good.

- If we are jumping with VAULTING POLE, tells us that we will receive help from others.

- To dream that JUMP A WALL, tells us that we want to overcome an obstacle or difficulty, but we can attempt to commit an imprudence. What advises us to be careful and think things through.


Bungee jumping:
If in our dream bungee jump means that something is about to change in us, whether some of our personality or the way we see the world, which can be good or bad depending on the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.

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