In most cases it represents something we are ignoring or something that is happening to us unnoticed. Although it may vary according to the context of the dream.

- To dream that WE ARE INVISIBLE, means that we need to do something for others to see us, for example: If it is someone we like, look for activities in common. If it is our business, place a larger ad, hire advertising, and so on.

- If in our dream we see a nephew or cousin sitting in an INVISIBLE ARMCHAIR means that there is something that we are not seeing and that has to do with our current situation. Which advises us to analyze the situation more in order to have a better view of the facts.

- But if we see a normal person or object, and then we noticed that it BECOMES INVISIBLE, then, it means that we want that thing or person disappear from our lives.

- If in the dream we see PEOPLE OF BAD APPEARANCE, and in some way we make ourselves invisible, it means that there are certain people with whom it is better to become invisible, that is, avoid calling their attention, as well as avoiding dealing with them as far as possible as possible.

- If in our dream we see an INVISIBLE PERSON represents someone who thinks that others do not notice or that he feels isolated from others.

- If we dream that the PERSON WE LIKE does not see us because we are invisible, it means that to like him, we need to get his attention, for example: Coinciding in some activity (class, gym, etc.).

- If we dream that an INVISIBLE SPIRIT HITS us and even see how our skin sinks when it does, it means that someone is attacking us in some way (through gossip, intrigue and/or witchcraft) and we have not yet been able to find out who it is.
But if we dream that an invisible spirit hits us on the knee and it happens that when we wake up we still feel like it hits us, it means that someone is doing us witchcraft so that we canīt advance in life.

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