This sign represents Truth and Wisdom.

- Dreaming of a gold BAR, tells us that we will have good luck.

- If you dream of a BOX MADE OF GOLD OR OTHER FINE MATERIAL and is adorned with precious stones, means good fortune in money.

- If we dream, we try to BUY SOMETHING that has a good meaning, WITH GOLD, tells us that we can get something good that is related to the meaning of what we buy, however we are in danger of paying more than their real value.
But if the thing that try to buy, have a bad meaning, then, means that we are in danger of being defrauded and not getting anything in return.

- If we are BUYING GOLD, it means that it is unlikely that our desires are realized.

- If we dream of a CHAIN JEWELRY, means the following:

- If we dream of gold COINS, means we have a promising future, and if there are shiny coins, means that our future will be bright (Very good).

- If we dream FALSE GOLD, represents someone false (Someone who tries to make us believe something that is not).

- If we dream that we have or find gold, but the most notorious of the dream, is that the gold is very FEW CARAT (Ror example: Ten carats), means that to have good luck, before we seek more knowledge in order do better.

- If we FINDING A TREASURE with plenty of gold, it means we will have good luck. But if the same dream, then we are spending it, it means that we can be cheated.

- If we dream of gold JEWELRY, tells us that we should be proud.

- If we are LOOKING FOR GOLD, the dream tells us that it is likely that our wishes do not come to perform.

- If we are LOOKING FOR GOLD IN A RIVER, is an indication that our feelings can not be entirely good.

- If we dream a beautiful woman dressed as a MUMMY and noticed she's wearing a gold ring on the ring-finger (Which commonly takes the wedding ring), tells us that our partner is loyal to us (Whether our girlfriend or wife) but if the dreamer is a woman, then represents a loyal friend.


Golden (Color):
It is a color associated with the sun and its qualities such as protection, the True, and the Divine union.

- If in our dream, we find silver, it means that we will enjoy significant benefits through a lady.
- If we see blackened silver, means losses related to the meaning of the silver object, and if pure silver, it means that will be lost because of a lady.
- Dream with silver coins, means good fortune. in this case, it is also desirable to check the meaning of coins.
- Dream with silver medal means good fortune.
- If in the dream just see silver bullets, bringing good luck and a quick solution to a difficult problem.

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