- To CHANGE THE FURNITURE OF PLACE, means our desire to achieve the well-being of our family, and it predicts changes within our family.

- Seeing our furniture to DESTROY, means discord in our family, which can go as far as the disintegration of our family, so the dream tells us that we must be prepared to avoid those difficulties.

- If we dream that in our house there are many DETERIORATED furniture, it means that there is something that is not right in our life. But if we see ourselves repairing them, it means that it is very likely that we will soon be able to fix things without much difficulty.

- If it is a particular piece of furniture, it means the following:

BATHTUB: can mean the following: If we dream that we bathe in a tub, and the dream is unpleasant, it means that we will have difficulties to achieve our purposes. If it is pleasant, it tells us that we have enough strength and decision to achieve our purposes.

BED: If the bed is gloomy, dark in color, in poor condition or located in a gloomy and dark room it warns us of a possible illness of those who are lying in it. If it is empty, danger of someone close. A huge bed indicates obsession with sexual matters. But if it is very small, then it means disinterest for them. If the bed is clean and well-groomed it indicates that we are fine with our partner. Dirty and disorganized, disagreement and disagreement. Broken, divorce or widowhood. A very ornate bed, refinement in love. If it is different from ours, new loves. See people we do not know in our bed, danger of fights.

BOOKSELLER: If we see an empty bookcase, it means that we are losing too much time in entertainment that interferes with our training or with our projects. If we see a bookseller full of books, it means that we should study and prepare more, and if we see a particular book, for example a history book, it tells us that we should study more about that subject

CHAIRS AND ARMCHAIRS: represent our current situation. If we see a child sitting in a chair or in an armchair, it means that we are being too immature. If we are seated in a solid chair or armchair, it means that our current situation is good and solid. The meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.

CLOSET: Mean our possessions. If it is full, it means prosperity thanks to the work; If it is empty, it warns us of an embarrassing situation because of our lack of foresight; If it is a messy wardrobe or its content is of poor quality, it means that we must update our knowledge; If it is an empty closet, it means that we lack the knowledge to face a difficult situation; If it is full of good quality white clothes, it predicts illness or accidents, but if the clothes are colored, it means that we will have good fortune thanks to our knowledge.

CUPBOARD: This dream augurs success professionally and good fortune; at least we see it empty or that it has anything in particular to call our attention and that this has a bad meaning.

STOVE: represents our means to face the future. If it is a modern stove and in good condition, it means that we have sufficient means to face the future. If it is in bad conditions, it means that we are ill prepared for the future. If there is food in it and it is burned or not cooked properly, it warns us that we have a long way to go to learn to succeed. If the food cooks well, it means that we are doing well.

TABLE: represents family relationships. If it is square, it tells us that our family is very hierarchical; If it is rectangular, it is because it is hierarchical but not as much as the previous one; If it is circular, there are no hierarchies; Well served, it means harmony; If this Empty says that it lacks union and communication; If it is broken or damaged, it is the warning that the union and harmony of the family is in danger.

WASHBASIN: means that the various setbacks and concerns will soon cease. If we wash our hands, it tells us to get rid of a sense of guilt that is unfounded.


Furniture store:
- If we dream that we own a furniture store in good condition and full of furniture, it means that we will have well-being in our family.

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