- If we dream that we fight with someone, but we feel that we CANNOT HIT HIM WITH STRENGTH, it means that we have not yet managed to find a way to deal a good blow to one of our opponents, such as a strategy or a counterattack that can help us defeat him. definitely.

- To dream that WE HAVE A LOT OF STRENGTH or that we see ourselves strong, means that we should not abuse our rivals.

- If we feel that a FORCE PULLS US TOWARDS SOMETHING that has a bad meaning, represents something that is seducing us or convincing us to do something bad, which advises us not to allow it.

- If in the dream we feel WITHOUT STRENGTH or that our strength is gone, it means that we are not trying hard enough or that it is very difficult for us to do something. It can also mean that something or someone is taking away our energy.

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