The feet represent freedom, health or commitment, depending on the context of the dream.

- View our feet ARMED WITH CLAWS, representing courage and determination.

- If someone or something BITING OUR FEET it means someone is jealous of us or someone we envy we.

- We dream we CUT OUR FOOT WITH A GLASS, means pain and disease, at least in the same dream that we get out the glass and let cure us, because then it means that we get rid of pains and diseases.

- If we dream to a black DOG STEPS ON, OUR LEFT FOOT it means someone is hurting us in some way with the purpose that we have problems in love affairs.

- If we see others INCLINED TO OUR FEET, means that we are respected.

- If you dream we have INJURED FOOT means punishment or diseases.

- To dream that we have a PAIN IN THE LEFT FOOT means that we are afraid that our desires marriage doesn’t get to make.

- If in the dream we see our foot SOLE, tells us to be more sensible.

- Dream that STINK OUR FEET means that a change is coming and it can be in our work or in our life, it can also mean a trip or that we're moving house.

- To dream that our feet STINK AND THEN WE PUT IT EVERYTHING WITH SOCKS IN A BOWL OF WATER, it means that our lives will change and thus ended our concerns.

- If we dream that we WASH OUR FEET OR SOMEONE WASH OUR FEET, means that soon ended our concerns.

- If we dream that we get WET OUR FEET IN A PUDDLE, represents problems and disappointments, it can also represent the loss of our freedom or mobility, but in the dream we dry the feet, then, tells us that rid us of the problem easily.

- If we see us WITHOUT A FOOT OR WITHOUT A LEG, WITHOUT PAIN means lack of determination and courage.

- If we see us WITHOUR A FOOT OR WITHOUT A LEG AND THAT CAUSE US PAIN, means we can´t move forward with our purposes.

- If we see us WITHOUT SHOES is a warning that we may be subject to the other, but if we look with shoes, it means the opposite.

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